Hello, I'm Myisha J. Blackman. Welcome to my page.

It is here and through my one-on-one sessions, presentations, workshops, and seminars that I will provide access to the change agents you need to see beyond your current circumstance – and begin the fulfilling journey toward what you can be, do and have.

Move from the dark and into the light.

Have you ever asked yourself...

  • What's my joy limit?
  • Are these learned behaviors or are they my truth?
  • Do I make too much money? Too little?
  • Is there such a thing as too much love?

Pastors, are you ready to...

  • Take your congregation to the next level
  • Have measurable impact on your flock
  • Establish a strong, effective discipleship program
  • Discover new, innovative ways to see long-term results from your sermons?

Remove the barriers to your personal and spiritual growth.

My speaking, self-actualization and facilitation clients regularly include:

  • Clergy: (Protestant/Catholic) Every Round Goes Hiya and HiyaTM - creating a healthy congregation to build the Kingdom
  • New Christian Converts: Building You to Build the Kingdom TM in search of a healthy congregation to ultimately mature in relationship with and service to Christ
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals
  • American Sign Language interpreters
  • Prospective and Current Students of Interpreter Training Programs (ITPs)
  • Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA): Encouraging redemption from the effects of CSATM